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Client FAQ
When our studio was first established, we sought out how we could set ourselves apart from the countless agencies around the world.

Step one was realizing we did not want to build another agency. Applying the concept of futurism to the field of design requires fluidity, subversion, equity, purpose, and sustainability.
What is interdisciplinary design?1/4
We believe that design must evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This means embracing new technologies, processes, and methods that allow us to design more sustainably and equitably. We combine digital design with physical methods, research, and immersion. As creatives, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to shape the future. By committing to progress, sustainability, and equity, we can develop new ways of working. We erase titles and avoid the marginalization of creatives. This approach allows us to develop a new organizational structure that's cross functional and embraces multidisciplinary skillsets in order to accomplish our mission and empower our team.
What does your process look like?2/4
At our studio, we believe an iterative and collaborative approach to the creative process is essential to developing sustainable, progressive, and equitable solutions. We work closely with our clients throughout the creative process to ensure that their vision is realized and that they are represented authentically.
How long does a project take?3/4
Projects are scoped according to resourcing, client needs, and asset amount. The creative brief will have specific check-in's and updates as well as deadlines that we strictly adhere to for the convenience of the client.
Do you do work pro bono?4/4
We believe that everyone should have access to our skills and as a result have committed to multiple pro bono projects a year. Our strict requirement is that your project be non-profit or education related. If interested you can contact us and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience regarding bandwidth for support.